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"You are Perfect just as you are and you could use a little improvement"

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Paradox: A seemingly

contradictory statement

 that may nonetheless be


Being ADHD is a "gift" and a "curse"? This is the paradox of ADHD. Conventional wisdom would say that it is probably somewhere in between. However my experience is that it exists at both ends of this seemingly contradictory statement. It can bring a feeling of shame for not being able to do what others can do effortlessly and therefore take for granted. And it can fill you with pride, because you know that you can see things that others can't. Using the tools from How I Coach, we will take the pressure off of you, and together we will unravel the puzzle that is ADHD.


"Life is a puzzle; you just have to figure it out"
(Greystoke, Pacuare River bank 1994)


Would your life be more fulfilled if you focused wholeheartedly on the things that you do best? I believe that concentrating on your talents and your strengths will enhance, your self-esteem, your level of happiness, your reputation with others, and your personal relationships? I know that it's true for me.


Our collaborative coaching relationship will take the pressure off of you, by finding your intuitive solutions for the things that seemed nearly impossible in the past. Example: Have you ever listened to advice on how to get your life organized, only to find that the plan quickly falls apart? But if you are expecting visitors, you can have the house spotless and organized in no time. When you become wholeheartedly engaged; your determination, your ingenuity, and your strengths are unsurpassed.

ADHD brains constantly seek stimulation. ADDventure with the coach is a program that allows you to join with a group or get customized private instruction in several different ADDventure activities. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, kayak fishing, birding, hiking in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and even poker can be a great way to channel the power of your inquisitive mind. Personal relationships, developing and keeping friendships, managing your business, or holding down a job, can all be difficult if your brain is constantly looking for something new. A tool to help manage this common ADD trait is to develop a stimulating hobby. Come do this with me and make some great new lifelong friends. 


I coach you by being dedicated to finding those sustainable, intuitive solutions that entice you to become the person you really want to be.