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How I coach

You know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life and the unique hidden challenges of ADHD. But do you know how to take advantage of the powerful strengths and abilities that also accompany this paradoxical condition? I'm sure that you have experienced the incredible focus and resources that you bring to projects that you are passionate about. When you are wholeheartedly engaged in tasks or subjects that excite you, then you always excel.

     So, what does it take to become wholeheartedly engaged? It takes an alignment of heart and mind. It takes clarity of purpose. It takes a knowing of your inner strengths. My job as your coach is to always keep my eye on the ball. First we will work together in a process of collaboration that identifies a clear picture of "who" you are now; including your extraordinary talents and your ADHD challenges. Then using the tools listed below, we will discover "who" you really want to be.

     Once we know what you really want and that your goals are in alignment with "who" you want to be, we will work together to brainstorm and strategize ways to achieve the things that you are wholeheartedly interested in. I will empower you by fully believing in and standing by you in whatever you are up to. We will overcome the challenges and obstacles that have held you back in the past, because I know that you have the answers. They are right there for you and I'll help you find them because I believe in "YOU" unreservedly and without judgment.


      My core philosophy is based around my belief that fulfillment comes when you spend most of your time and focus on your strengths, rather than on your weaknesses. I will coach you to identify and create resources that push aside things that have held you back, and keep you focused on the things that you do well. You will have a life of ADDventure.

What makes all this work?


  • Powerful questions that help you think about things in a new light.
  • Strategizing with you to get "un-stuck" and work through challenges, fears and problems.
  • A library and storehouse of knowledge and the latest tools.
  • No agenda on my part except to fully support you.
  • I will listen "between the lines" for what is not being said so that you can gain clarity and confidence.
  • A consistent mirroring of your thoughts so that you can hear how they sound to others.
  • Challenging you to stretch beyond what you would ask of yourself.
  • Helping you to see potentially limiting beliefs that might be keeping you from moving forward.
  • A knowing that someone is "there" for you as a partner.
  • A genuine belief in "YOU!"