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"You are Perfect just as you are and you could use a little improvement"

Shunryu Suzuki
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Together With the College Student I devise a unique support system that works in a University setting, which demands that "the student" take control of their education. The transition from high school to college is extremely difficult. As a coach and mentor I guide students, through the maze of University bureaucracy, to understand and master the hugely expanded demands suddenly placed upon them as young adults.
1. Staying on top of academic assignments and setting goals.
2. Requesting assistance when needed from tutors, counselors, and teachers - and being able to explain which accommodations are needed and why.
3. Managing money. Managing time and keeping track of appointments and deadlines.
4. Focusing long enough to finish your homework.
5. Getting enough sleep, being able to wake up on time, and eating properly.
6. Doing laundry, cleaning your room, and other chores.
7. Using medication appropriately, and getting refills before running out. The first semester or two of college is not a good time to experiment with meds.

Tell your parents about this web site and tell them that you want a college education. And know that with a coach as your teammate you will work hard and you will make it happen.
For Students

College Students

You could use a coach if:

1. You feel like you're always forgetting things, always late, always in trouble, always behind.

2. You procrastinate.

3. It feels impossible to get started on or finish your assignments.

5. You are the kid in class who gets in trouble for doing random stuff.

6. You space out when people are explaining things to you.

7. It takes you twice as long as the other students to get anything done.

9. You sometimes just go blank when taking a test.